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Latest from the blog
  • Alternate views of history often intrigue me more than straightforward accounts. That’s why I find this Ben Shahn illustration of Martin Luther King Jr. so compelling. Originally commissioned as a cover for Time magazine in 1965, Shahn’s portrait of King was “part of a portfolio of prints created for the American Civil Liberties Union, which focused on civil rights. The portfolio…

  • In the July 1983 issue of Life magazine, writer Cheryl McCall and photographer Mary Ellen Mark published “Streets of the Lost,” an in-depth article and photo essay on Seattle street kids. In the piece, McCall and Mark tell the story of a group of homeless and runaway teens—Tina, a 13-year-old prostitute with dreams of diamonds and furs; Rat and Mike,…

  • In the annals of American journalism, the Cleveland Press was a long-running and influential daily newspaper known for its attention to working class issues. As a result, many of the newspaper’s articles dug deep in the muck of city business—from sanitation strikes and public transit problems, to urban renewal backlash and pollution control.

    This morning, I happened upon the…