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Latest from the blog
  • From the photographic archives of The Sporting News comes this image of Pitt’s Clyde Vaughn standing side-by-side with comedian Rodney Dangerfield, who holds up an honorary Pittsburgh jersey, c. 1980–1984.

    [Image via MEARS]

  • Several years back, while researching the Monongahela River Valley, I discovered the photographs of Joe Katrencik—who spent time in the early 1970s as a teacher at Clairton Catholic. What struck me about his photographs is how a series of images from the past can really put the present in greater perspective. For example, in his caption to an image of Clairton…

  • Alternate views of history often intrigue me more than straightforward accounts. That’s why I find this Ben Shahn illustration of Martin Luther King Jr. so compelling. Originally commissioned as a cover for Time magazine in 1965, Shahn’s portrait of King was “part of a portfolio of prints created for the American Civil Liberties Union, which focused on civil rights. The portfolio…